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The environment

Rentokil Hygiene is very aware of the responsibility it bears for minimising impact on the environment. To realise this, an environmental management system has been introduced, as has certification in accordance with ISO 14001. This responsibility has also become an important part of our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy. The policy focuses on the safety of every person's work and living environment.

In order to reduce the burden we place on the environment, we continuously attempt to select the best possible methods for deep cleaning. All our cleaning agents meet the statutory environmental standards. By training our employees, we have managed to reduce the use of these agents. The active ingredients have also been reduced, and new packaging has reduced inefficient use. .

Another important objective of our environmental policy is to reduce water consumption during our work. In addition, training is being used to introduce conscious driving styles, which will help to reduce fuel consumption. Furthermore, increasing attention is being dedicated to waste sorting and management.

We regularly perform internal audits and HSE inspections to check if on-site work and work at the various branches is being carried out in accordance with regulations.

Environmental management system

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