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Rentokil Hygiene has been a specialist in hygienic and technical maintenance for years now. We have been providing maximum hygiene at businesses and organisations since starting in the Netherlands back in 1970.

The origins of Rentokil Hygiene date back to the takeover of Thames Service in 1970. Apart from its pest control branch, this company also specialised in the industrial cleaning of sanitary facilities and the safe and discrete collection of sanitary towels. This branch formed the basis of Rentokil Hygiene in the Netherlands.

In 1977, the services were expanded with commercial kitchen deep cleaning. It proved to be a fast-growing service that formed an important addition to HACCP, the hazard analysis of foodstuffs instigated by the European Union. The cleaning of air-conditioning systems was introduced in 1982; this was a revolutionary development for those days. The main strength of Rentokil Hygiene in that sense was that systems could be cleaned without causing too much of a nuisance. In the early days this service was mainly used by hospitals and care institutions. After taking over Indisco in 1987, with services such as sanitary facilities deep cleaning and collecting sanitary towel containers, Rentokil Hygiene continued to grow.

Quality has always been very important to Rentokil Hygiene. In 1993, its quality management system was ISO 9001-certified, followed by the SCC* certificate one year later. In 2006, the HSE system was SCC**-certified.

Today, Rentokil Hygiene is the prominent partner in the fields of deep cleaning sanitary facilities and commercial kitchens, cleaning air-conditioning and grease extraction systems and specialist cleaning. With these disciplines, we try to offer a solution for every specific cleaning need.

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