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Quality and safety are vital pillars in our service provision, which is one of the reasons why Rentokil Hygiene is SCC** and ISO 9001-certified. So you, our customer, know you are dealing with a reliable partner that fulfils its promises.

What does SCC** mean for you as a customer?

  • Security: we carry out our work safely and according to agreement
  • Continuity: our members of staff prevent accidents and damage, safeguarding continuity of the work
  • Care for the environment: we accept our responsibility to reduce the environmental burden
  • Saving time and convenience: you, the customer, do not have to carry out any safety checks

How does our ISO 9001 certificate benefit you?

  • Reliable service
  • Consistent quality: we offer the same level of quality throughout the country
  • Transparency: you know what to expect from us
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